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Academic Summer Programs

Summer Programs: List

Middle School Mastery

This program uses a hands-on interactive approach and is tailored to each student's individual needs. Topics include:

  • navigating the increased expectations of middle school

  • smoothly transition to multiple teachers who may have different expectations

  • managing increased homework and difficulty of assignments

  • becoming more independent learners

  • building high school readiness skills

Nailing 9th Grade

Designed for rising 9th-grade students, this program focuses on:

  • meeting the increased expectations required of students in high school

  • building independence and responsibility

  • learning effective study and note-taking strategies

  • self-advocacy

  • how to balance academics and extracurriculars

  • strategies to avoid procrastination

  • building the executive function skills necessary for high school success

College Planning for Rising 11th Graders

This academic coaching program will focus on helping rising high school juniors determine their path forward after high school. Students will learn how to:

  • strengthen their academic profile

  • build a resume

  • explore interests that relate to possible college majors and career opportunities

  • research colleges and create an appropriate list

  • determine which college testing (ACT, SAT, etc.) works best for them

  • connect with schools

  • navigate college websites

College Planning for Rising 12th Graders

This academic coaching program will focus on helping rising high school seniors complete the application process for college. Students will receive help in:

  • narrowing down their list of schools

  • making contact with their top choice schools

  • completing applications

  • meeting deadlines

  • sending transcripts and/or test scores

  • brainstorming essay topics

  • editing their resume

  • discussing financial aid and scholarship options

Freshman Foundations

Students will learn executive function strategies to navigate college effectively. These include:

  • assistance with registering for classes

  • how to navigate college Learning Management Platforms (Blackboard/Canvas)

  • setting up outlook email

  • registering for student organizations

  • organization and time management

  • pre-planning and prioritizing

  • self-advocacy skills

  • establishing routines

College ReStart Program

Students will learn how to establish school support systems and effective self-advocacy strategies. Executive function skills will be taught such as:

  • organization skills and time management

  • scheduling and prioritizing

  • keeping focused, on track, and accountable

  • Additional skills will be included as needed based on each student's needs

Coaching for Summer Classes

A condensed summer semester means adjusting to the fast-paced expectations of academics while balancing summer jobs and activities. Students will learn strategies such as:

  • keeping focused, on track, and accountable

  • organization and time management

  • prioritizing

  • self-advocacy

College to Career

For college students or recent college graduates ready to start the internship or job search process

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